What are you Creating?

When we truly realize we get in life exactly what we put into it and deserve, maybe we would be a lot more careful about what we are putting into life. Maybe we would be a little more attentive, live in the moment and not for the moment, understanding just how this moments impacts the next.
Maybe we would realize that some things (actually a lot of things) we think matter are actually truly worthless, and that the little things like love, laughter, gratefulness and contentment are actually worth everything.



Round and round the Rabbit hole we go.

When your legs don’t work like they used to before -Ed Sheeran

Why are we in such a hurry? It seems like we just keep running in a race, blindly. We are so much in a hurry, running, that we don’t even want – or seem to care enough – to ask ourselves whether or not we really want to, and/or should be running this race, and why?

We seem to have forgotten that all our journeys are different, and most of us don’t even have any business being on the track we are stressing ourselves so much about taking the lead in.

Society seems to be structured in such a way that we have bought into the illusion that for us to stop running for a minute to critically analyse the race we are in, would mean to fall short, and have others overtake us (as though we all have the same destination).


One.. two..Three…

In the Land of God’s and Monsters, I was an Angel
-Lana Del Rey
Her eyes were the Stars,
The sound of her laughter…the echo through time.
Her smile were the dimensions,
She truly was magic.
It was in her caring, it was in her not caring.
It’s what she didn’t speak, what she understood.
The questions, the confusion, how many times she fell.
Her tears were Precious gems,
The most valued of them all
Because it was God’s.
It’s in her history, it’s in her not
All it is that made her be.
It’s in the earth,
It’s in the fire.
The air in her lungs,
The water in her veins.
It’s okay to walk on by,
Go about your journey.
But don’t travel too fast
That you miss a part of her,
Or that she loses the understanding of you.

Cameras, Lights, Action.

Dem kill my mama.. Dem carry everybody go inside jail – Fela

One of the societal structures that, honestly, confuses me is the security force. The people who are supposed to protect us – at least they say they do – but those are the very same people that actively come to try to bully us EVERYTIME. They find the time; they make the time to bully us. I honestly don’t understand.

How can the people who say they are here to protect us, be the very same people that can just take the life they are supposed to protect?

But then again, I try to look further than the act, and try to reason out why the action might be caused. I find that these same people are being bullied in one way or another by something bigger, or in higher positions than them.

They are hungry, they have children to feed, school fees to pay, books to buy, and friends to flex, so they have to make a way.

We have people literally burning money, throwing away food, and millions are hungry with no idea of where their next meal is coming from.

It’s still a structure, though. You see them in such a hurry. They are just acting and playing out routines. It’s like a friggin movie – like, they play the part so convincingly they don’t see past the part anymore to the camera. It’s crazy; it’s like everyone is scared to look up. Bills, hunger, what would they say about you, “look where all your mates are?”

We have memorised the routine so well it feels like nature, we don’t even know it isn’t nature anymore.

“Yes, there is a time for everything. However, we are all looking at the same clock, forgetting each and everyone one of us is also wearing a watch.

Think Again

Don’t give them too much you

Don’t let them take control

This one thing you do

Don’t let them taint your soul

– Jermain Cole

We live in a world where it seems like, in the quest for the material, the transcient, the fleeting, we are selling our souls.

Money can be lost, physical beauty can fade, but the soul is eternal.

We have been so terribly conditioned, that instead of striving to fulfill purpose, we are now living our lives for the material, “chasing the paper.” Now don’t get me wrong, I know how much financial freedom and a sense of security money can bring with it, but we also have to realize money is just a means to an end, and not the end in itself.

No, money doesn’t buy us happiness, happiness comes from the soul. It cannot be taken away, neither can it be created with the material.

We have been put on this earth for something a lot bigger than the material, and the universe has already provided us with everything we need, if only we are sensitive enough to find them.

What do we know?

I’m amazed though. How do

we judge? How do we look at something we truly have no idea about, and convince ourselves that we are aware enough -even up to the point of being able to become an authority on it- to be able to term it good or bad. How do we know what is bad? If thieves are to be caught and set ablaze with a tyre placed around them when they steal in the market place, should a widow -a mother of 3 hungry kids- face the same judgement when she steals a cup of garri? Considering that you don’t know the children are hungry, all you did was see her take the garri and rob the store owner of the profit he was saving to finally get his son those shoes he had been crying for for months now.

We are so learned in structure and system that our minds automatically have an interpretation for everything – heck, we even call it nature, instinct. It saves us, it protects us, it keeps us safe..

Oh well. Good luck.

“I’m gonna kill you”


If we read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man’s life, sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Sometimes, anger and hate may seem to be the easier route. Some actions cannot be justified – or so we think – and so those actions, we ache to repay in kind.

I heard of a story of a mother of a fourteen-year-old kid that got killed by another boy of the same age. The killing was done to prove to his fellow gang members that he was worthy. He was arrested, taken to court, tried and convicted of the crime. Now the mother of the dead boy sat through the trial, and on the day he was convicted, as he was being taken away, when he got close to where she sat, she stood up slowly, looked him in the eyes and said to him, “I’m gonna kill you” as they took him away.

As the killer served his time in prison, no one came to see him, not even his gang members. He had no one.

So the mother of the dead boy came to visit him one day. At first he was scared, but she assured him that she just wanted to talk to him – which she did. And as she was leaving, she gave him some money for his prison upkeep. Her visits became more frequent, and as he turned 18, and was to be released, she asked him what he was going to do when he got out. He replied that he had no idea, and that he had no one. She told him that she has a friend, and she should be able to get him a job when he gets out. This she arranged with his parole officer, and got him a job. Then she asked him where he was going to stay when he got out. He replied that he had no idea, as he had no one or place to go to. So she told him she had a spare bedroom, and he could move in with her.

After he was released, he moved in with her, and worked at the job she got him. One day, she called him, and told him she wanted to talk to him. She asked him if he remembered the day in court when she told him she was going to kill him. He looked at her and told her he did, and how could he ever forget that day. She then explained to him that the boy of that day, the boy who killed her son, was gone. She wanted him to die, and that was why she went about doing all she did for him: getting him a job, a place to live, visiting him in prison; he was no longer the same person, she pointed out. She went further to tell him that  she didn’t have anybody, and she would like to adopt him. She asked him if he would let her adopt him, to which he said yes. And that was how the boy got a mother he had never had, and she got a son again.

Now this story struck me at heart because of how unusual and beautiful it is. It is more common to find stories where the mother gets a guard to kill the boy in prison, or ensures he gets the longest possible sentence, so her son gets “justice”. After all, she promised to kill him, and I don’t think anyone would readily blame her, or call her a monster if she did any of those things. But then, what would it change? It wouldn’t bring her son back to life. I very much doubt it would heal her broken heart.

Revenge: a dish best served cold. There is a saying that goes, ‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’. So if we know this, why then do we readily serve the dish of revenge that only births more pain and destruction, rather than love that births life? We live in a world run by hate and fear, we have been taught it, we are constantly being programmed to see differences, be it race, religion, sex, or even class. We constantly see ourselves as different from the next person. We don’t know anymore how to try and understand the next person, because we believe he/she is different, and so he/she can not be understood. And so if somebody hurts us, we see our only response as to hurt them back, and in cases where we are not afforded that opportunity, harbour resentment and hatred. But these negative energies only tear us up. They prevent us from radiating and receiving the beautiful, more positive energies like love, happiness, or even peace of mind. I recently saw – in my opinion – the most beautiful definition of the word forgiveness. It says, ‘Forgiveness is taking the knife out of your back and choosing to not use it to hurt anyone else’ (and that includes yourself).

What I’m trying to say here is that we can’t control the actions of other people; we can’t control the way the world works; but we are more than capable of controlling the way we react to these situations. We can either choose to hold on to the pain and resentment, or we can choose to let it go, and heal. The choice is up to us

Post inspired by Prince ea
Edited by plastosilch